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[Old art] The Royal Warlord by Volraknil [Old art] The Royal Warlord :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 8 0 Embrace the Flames [By galexyia] by Volraknil Embrace the Flames [By galexyia] :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 9 0 Dragon practice by Volraknil Dragon practice :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 16 3
Guardian of the Gates, Part One
It was one tranquil day. Arthaminex had just begun his weekly flight sessions to stretch his wings a bit, and show the world what dragons were made of. Power. Might. Majesty. And a lot of scales...
Arthaminex is a powerful red dragon. His enormous, strong body is something he likes to show off to the other dragons, who stand in awe, respect and even some fear of him whenever he shows himself around. It was not long after his flight until his deep blue eyes met with the equally blue skies. Rising up more and more into the heavens, far above the clouds, where the morning sun makes his scales shine like fire. His pastel white wings fully extended, he takes a moment to savour the winds and feel them move softly around his body, across his white chest and underbelly, across the white underside of his four paws and between his claws. His tail is thick and adorned with spikes, with which he makes a sharp turn in the middle of the air by swinging it to the side, watching over his homeplace, th
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 2 15
:: Crimson Blitz :: by Volraknil :: Crimson Blitz :: :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 22 9 [Old art] Predator by Volraknil [Old art] Predator :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 6 0 ::The candy cane:: by Volraknil
Mature content
::The candy cane:: :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 12 12
::Discovery:: by Volraknil ::Discovery:: :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 28 18 [Old work] Trial of Fortitude by Volraknil [Old work] Trial of Fortitude :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 16 2 Black Thunder - by Volraknil Black Thunder - :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 15 2 ::KAAL VOLRAKNIL:: by Volraknil ::KAAL VOLRAKNIL:: :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 25 17
The Legend of Ouroboros: Creation of the World
At the end, there was nothing.
It was the beginning, where unimaginable power was laid upon but not yet to come. Both end and beginning were one and the same...
This is the wisdom, the concept that all the great sages among history have shared with all of dragonkind, and all the other races.
This is the history of how we came to be, and all around us.
This is the legend of OUROBOROS, God of Creation.
And so the legend is born... and takes shape in the form of tales, in the mouths, minds, texts and paintings of the people. In the memories of the lucky ones to have been there, and seen it with their own eyes, like me. And it is then passed down many generations, each new dragon and draconid keeping alive the legend with his heart, his faith and loyalty to what binds all dragons together. Our pride as a species.
And so the legend begins.
At the very beginning of all, a black emptiness filled the space within our world. There was nothing, not a single spark of light, not a single object wh
:iconvolraknil:Volraknil 5 3
Dragon Nova - Alt ver. by Volraknil Dragon Nova - Alt ver. :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 12 5 Zadrian (Gift) by Volraknil Zadrian (Gift) :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 10 3 A Fire-Breathing Gruff by Volraknil A Fire-Breathing Gruff :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 16 13 ::Dragon Nova:: by Volraknil ::Dragon Nova:: :iconvolraknil:Volraknil 13 19


▒▒▒░ KAALVORG (Kaal Volraknil), Main Character. ░▒▒▒
Black Western Fire-breathing Dragon

Kaal is skilled in both warfare and the arcane arts, proficient in a variety of weapons as well as powerful magical abilities to further increase his own effectiveness on the battlefield. Be it raining down hellfire from the skies, attacking enemies up close or supporting nearby allies with magic, he's a force to be reckoned with.

▒▒▒░ Iriastar ░▒▒▒
Orange Tiger

Iriastar is a powerful heavily-armored warlord, expert in militar tactics. His weapon of choice is his flaming battleaxe, a heavy two-handed weapon that has been enchanted to burn his enemies and unleash waves of fire on impact with the ground, at command.

▒▒▒░ Varyndaul ░▒▒▒
Cyan Winged Draconian

Varyndaul is a spearmaster that has been granted special weaponry in the form of a mechanical spear, This spear is an all-around weapon that combines advanced technology and magic together. Together with his mechanical, crystal armor, he's a formidable guardian.

▒▒▒░ Arthaminex ░▒▒▒
Red Western Fire-breathing Dragon

A legendary, enormous dragon, Arthaminex is tasked with guarding the Brimstone Volcano, home to the Red and Black Dragon Alliance. His mere presence inspires fear in the hearts of his enemies, and his allies too.

▒▒▒░ Selene ░▒▒▒

Selene is the Goddess of the Moon. She has other names across the world. Her existence is filled with mystery, little is known about her. She's depicted as human-like in all known cultures.


Shattered: Another Amongst the Dunes by White-Mantis Shattered: Another Amongst the Dunes :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 644 25 Doomsday by RavenCorona Doomsday :iconravencorona:RavenCorona 216 16 MY GOLD! by RavenCorona MY GOLD! :iconravencorona:RavenCorona 1,916 71 Crocodilian warrior for upcoming TCG by ThemeFinland Crocodilian warrior for upcoming TCG :iconthemefinland:ThemeFinland 186 5 The Great Mystery by noctem-tenebris The Great Mystery :iconnoctem-tenebris:noctem-tenebris 601 54 Medieval Visage by noctem-tenebris Medieval Visage :iconnoctem-tenebris:noctem-tenebris 288 34 an awesome birthday gift 2 by dragon-man13 an awesome birthday gift 2 :icondragon-man13:dragon-man13 43 18 Guardian of the skies by Kerneinheit Guardian of the skies :iconkerneinheit:Kerneinheit 809 15 Fire and ice by Kerneinheit Fire and ice :iconkerneinheit:Kerneinheit 767 14 Chained by Kerneinheit Chained :iconkerneinheit:Kerneinheit 682 16 Commission: GrandMasterDragon by Koru-Xypress Commission: GrandMasterDragon :iconkoru-xypress:Koru-Xypress 104 18 Dragon wallpaper by Kou-Ryuu Dragon wallpaper :iconkou-ryuu:Kou-Ryuu 369 28 A rose drawing by FoxyMirage526 A rose drawing :iconfoxymirage526:FoxyMirage526 9 14 Arthraax reference sheet (commission) by ThemeFinland Arthraax reference sheet (commission) :iconthemefinland:ThemeFinland 174 5 Eastern dragonoids by ThemeFinland Eastern dragonoids :iconthemefinland:ThemeFinland 186 8 The Fiery Sky by Tir-Goldeness The Fiery Sky :icontir-goldeness:Tir-Goldeness 88 12


:iconsquishyducks: :iconeta-carinae2001: :iconfoxymirage526: :iconchaseawaythedark: :iconxendious: :icontheparaceratherium: :iconregaleo: :icongalexyia: :iconxxlittletigressxx: :iconzarozaestoth: :iconnotsun: :iconthylacoleocarnifex: :iconl-tine: :iconminsnape: :iconkoushoku-jin: :iconxxserena-crossexx: :iconthrallath:



Volraknil's Profile Picture
Soar high.|
I AM KAAL, the Devourer of Thunder.
Welcome to my page!

I am a digital artist, dragon lover, here to create and have fun with similar others.
I hope you enjoy my pieces, my characters and the worlds in which my characters live.

I am active around the forums! Find me there too.

About me.

I like to draw dragons and anthro, as well as beasts, predators, etc. Mostly male. And muscled. But I do have some female characters of the more human varieties. I love, too, stories and settings about fantasy. Magic and steel. Medieval and futuristic. I am also a lover of good music, in particular videogame soundtracks, because it's filled with emotion and strength. A few of mention are Touhou, Nier: Automata, Bayonetta, etc. My favorite genre is Metal, Symphonic Metal. Second to that might be Electronic. Though I do have a variety of likings and can enjoy pretty much anything so long as it's good. Speaking about videogames... I really love playing them, and hope to someday create something with my characters and stuff.

By the way. I am a dragon.


I trade llamas! :llama:
Just give one back.

My old account: Iriastar



It happens to me, and with the frustration of not being able to get things right, which goes away.

How quickly have you improved in art? How much improvement there is between 2 pieces of yours that you've drawn one after the other? (How perfectionistic are you?)

I see monumental amounts of improvement between any 2 pieces of mine at any given moment. Even in the same piece I see differences in skill between sections.
My current WIP is an example, for me (it is not posted anywhere so don't look for it). It has gone thru many iterations, many changes, I have to change things to adapt to my current understanding of art so that the piece comes out nicely.
Its moistness dripping from my mouth into my neck, as my tongue reaches for the tip and sucks it in. Every place of my body is a good place to enjoy it. Its tempting smell filling my nostrils, sending waves of pleasure across me. Biting lightly, how soft yet how HARD it is. I take it all in, and enjoy it inside my mouth, its products going down my throat in a maelstrom of ecstasy. Not only I lick it, but I also lick everything around it, savouring every part. I could get it all over me. I go down on it, and it goes down on me. It fills my insides as it penetrates my hole.

IT IS FOOD. Y'all are being too specific.
By the way, this thread was a dare.
Welcome one, welcome all, to my choose-your-own-adventure survival/exploration game!

The game is as follows. I will present to you a story setting and you have to choose what action to take next. Beware, for the world is filled with dangers and resources like food are scarce, and who knows, others from here may cross paths with you, for good - or bad.

I will roll a 20-sided die (when necessary) that will tell us whether your action is successful or not (higher is better), and then the game will continue based on the outcome.

You'll have an inventory I will keep track of with whatever you find on your travels (food, tools, weapons, magical items, etc), and I'll give you special abilities as you progress. Every day you must eat 1 ration of food and 2 of water (one at day, one at night), otherwise you will become weak and eventually die.

The story is as follows:

You are a lone adventurer suddenly set upon a strange world. You get up from the ground. Dazzled and disoriented, you look around you. You seem to be in a desert, there is a sea of sand below your feet. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly upon your still-adjusting eyes.

:bulletred: What do you do?


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251 / 1,000,000
All points go to my hoard and will look nice among the other shiny things!

As reward you shall get the blessing of the Dragon Fathers and also my love.
(There's enough love for everybody within my draconic heart... in special for the males. The more points, the more love!)

Someday I will take over the lands and use my hoard as funding for my reign. If you have donated, I will spare your life. ^.=.^

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